Hardwood Pole Forest

About Our Hardwood Pole Forest

In 2009 it was decided to productively utilise and regenerate already cleared, low lying land unsuited to planting macadamia trees, whilst creating a smaller carbon footprint. This was undertaken through the establishment of a 12-hectare, 10,000 tree hardwood plantation comprised mostly of Gympie Messmate (Eucalyptus cloeziana) trees. 

Since the trees have been planted the erosion along the south bank of Sandy Creek has stabilised, and we believe the trees have helped the soil retain ground water.

The Gympie Messmate trees produce high quality durable and attractive timber for commercial uses in construction and engineering. Gympie Messmate is an A1 hardwood which is resistant to decay from ground contact and damp moist conditions. It is often used in outdoor construction situations such as landscaping, retaining walls, fencing and railway sleepers as well as uses in wharf and bridge construction.

On maturity, the plantation will be sustainably harvested at a maximum rate of one hectare a year, and immediately replanted the same year.