Welcome to Sandy Creek Macadamias, located in picturesque Anderleigh in the Wide Bay – Burnett region of sunny south-east Queensland. Sandy Creek Macadamias is a family business owned and operated by Scott and Maureen MacNicol since 2003.

We grow macadamias nuts using a chemical and pesticide spray free regime, and fertilise our macadamia trees with organic liquid seaweed. Our macadamias are sent as nuts in shell to our macadamia nut processor on the Sunshine Coast, for processing and value adding

We also produce pasture free range eggs using a mobile chicken trailer. The stocking density of our laying hens, whom we affectionately call the “girls”, is 350 birds per hectare, or one bird per 29 square metres. As well as having plenty of space, the girls’ paddock always has plenty of grass, so they are free to roam and forage naturally. Sandy Creek Free Range eggs are sold each Saturday at Davies Park Market, West End, Brisbane, and are also available from Farmer and Sun in Gympie and Pomona Fruit and Vegie in Pomona.