pasture free range eggs

Hens were introduced on to the Sandy Creek macadamia farm as another “layer” to the farm, along similar lines to Joel Salatin’s farming methods.

Sandy Creek hens forage on grass by day, and roost in their mobile chicken trailer at night. The hens tend to roam within the immediate vicinity of their trailer, so it is moved weekly to give the hens fresh grass on which to forage.

At Sandy Creek the well being of our hens is important, so our stocking density is 350 birds per hectare, which is nearly 29 square metres per hen. Having plenty of space ensures the hens are stress free and lead a natural life where they are free to roam, forage and take dust baths. This means Sandy Creek hens lay eggs with bright yellow yolks, reflecting their natural healthy living conditions.

Sandy Creek Free Range eggs are sold each Saturday at Davies Park Market, West End, Brisbane, and also available from Farmer and Sun in Gympie and Pomona Fruit and Vegie in Pomona.